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We are a technology and business advisory group. We provide technical, economic and strategic business resources to create opportunities for our clients to increase profitability, improve operational efficiency and enhance overall business performance by aligning technology with the specific, strategic goals and business plan of your organization.

  • Strategic Planning

    Develop a technical plan which will support the business strategy
    Develop a technical plan that will identify when systems need to be upgraded and the cost of the upgrade

  • Telecommunications Networking

    Multiple networks take more time, cost and management. THI will investigate and recommend how to consolidate networks which will provide better service, management at a lower cost

  • How to apply technology to improve the bottom line

    THI will review your processes to see how to streamline and integrate systems to increase productivity while decreasing cost and time

  • Request For Proposal

    THI has written many Request For Proposals and saved money and guaranteed you are getting the hardware, software or service you want

  • Contract Negotiations

    THI has advised and consulted on contracts which protected the company from the supplier

  • Determine Bandwidth Required

    By doing studies of what information is traversing the network and from one point to another we have designed networks which can handle the traffic at the lowest cost

  • Web Design and Implementation

    Your Web page may be the first impression of your company to someone who is browsing . THI have designed and built Web sites that get attention

  • Telecommunication Expense Management (TEM)

    Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) is used to manage all telecommunication expenses and to ensure "EXTRA" charges don't get placed on your telecommunication bill. The system can track all expenses for a site so you can see what it is costing for a location

  • Audit of Current Telecommunication Lines and Service

    THI will review your bills to ensure you are not getting charges for services you don't use. A review of technology bills may reveal charges for services that you don't need or use.

  • Contract Review

    Contract reviews before signing is the best way of getting what you deserve. A review of a contract in place may reveal credits that you are entitled to but did not receive because you never asked for them.

  • Consolidation of Suppliers

    Many companies have contracts with multiple suppliers; this may be good for diversity but too many does not allow for more discounts. Let THI show you the best configuration.

  • Insource vs Outsource

    Many publications will say to outsource, this may be good for some but not for others; allow THI to analyze what is best for you.

  • Business Continuity

    If you had a disaster at your location are you ready to continue your business at another temporary location? Allow THI to help you put the backup procedure in place so you can minimize any lost business

  • Temporary Help

    Allow THI to help you in peak loads by providing skilled people to augment your staff, or if you don't want to hire more people allow us to help with temporary help

  • Cloud Services

    THI can provide cloud services for all your voice, data video and unified messaging needs.

  • Help Desk

    Help Desk services are available for all your voice, data, video and unified messaging needs. Choose from any one of our options

  • Procedure Writing

    Will a new person in your company know how to process orders, billing or other functions? They can if you allow THI to review your current procedures and update them or write new ones. You won't have to find people to fill in for vacations, sick days or training

  • System Design and Programming

    If you need help in designing a new system or modifying an already existing system let THI help. We will follow the procedure that you have to see if there are any holes in it.

  • Inventory Management

    Inventory management must be kept up to date for insurance, licenses and management. Allow THI to gather the inventory connected to the network or in your company.


    If you are processing credit cards, personal information or medical information you need to be compliant. Let THI review your process to be sure you meet or exceed the regulations.

  • Firewall

    THI can review and do an audit on your Firewall to ensure the correct ports are open or closed for your applications. An audit may show an issue or you are checking for things that no longer apply and no one had the time to take the process/check out of the system. This could slow down your system. The audit could also show that you are vulnerable for hacking or other unauthorized access which could lead to liability prosecution.

  • Physical and Logical Security

    Can unauthorized people gain access to your data storage or your building? Can unauthorized people see data they shouldn't? Allow THI to do an audit to see how vulnerable you are and make recommendations to correct the situation before someone compromises your physical building and data.

  • Email and Data Retention

    Inbound and outbound Email need to be kept for legal and business reasons; are you in compliance?

  • Information Security

    Many electronic and paper files are in companies that need to be secured. Allow THI to audit your filing systems and make recommendations.

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“If you can’t measure it, you can't manage it.”
Know what you have, what you should have, and what it should cost.

Why THi.

For the last three decades the THI team has provided hundreds of satisfied clients insightful, objective expertise and saved money in all areas of IT, telecommunications and technology. Our consultants combine over a century of hands on experience from a variety of business and technology backgrounds with an exceptional capability to apply independent practical thinking to complex business and technology issues - at both a strategic and tactical level. We believe there is always a better and smarter way of working. We will challenge the way things are with an open inquiring mind and we have an absolute passion for improved operational and economic efficiencies.

Client Results.

Our clients range from small-mid sized businesses with single locations to fortune 1000 companies with thousands of locations around the globe.

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